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Cornerstone Contents Revealed

Approximately 300 people attended the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the laying of the library cornerstone on Saturday, April 23, 2016, in the library's parking lot. Children from the Plattsmouth Middle School sang three songs and presentations were made by Mayor R. Paul Lambert, historian Harlan Seyfer, and library patron Gail Johnson.

Those in attendance were able to see Public Works Director Gary Helwig and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Jesse Clark remove the receptacle from the cornerstone. "Sattler" and "April 19" were written on the bottom of the metal box. April 19, 1916, is the day the cornerstone was laid; Sattler had just been elected mayor. From the Plattsmouth Journal dated April 6, 1916, "For mayor, John P. Sattler, the democratic candidate, received a majority of 97 over Mayor E. J. Richey, the present occupant of the office...." The box and some of the papers had a considerable amount of rust on them, so not everything was legible.

The mayor, Mr. Seyfer, Margo Prentiss from the museum, and Library Director Karen Mier helped describe the contents before they were put in protective sleeves for preservation and for better viewing. The items in the cornerstone are identified below and are on display in the library.

  • Pennies – 5 wheat pennies dated 1909 (2), 1910 (2), 1914, and an Indian head penny dated 1902
  • 2-page history of the library signed by the members of the Library Board
  • A list of some of the Plattsmouth High School students and the year they expected to graduate
  • A paper from Warga & Shuldice, general contractors, signed by Jess Warga
  • Business cards from Dr. John Stuart Livingston, Weyrich & Hadraba Red Cross Drug Store, John G. Wunderlich "candidate for Sheriff" (he won in 1916), and Paul Stadelman

Library staff and members of the Plattsmouth Conservancy were dressed in period attire. Attendees enjoyed buttermilk pie and pumpkin pie while the Plattsmouth Community Band played.

What Should Go in the Cornerstone Now?

Thank you to the approximately 300 people who attended the opening of the cornerstone at the library on April 23. The library has received several questions about the next stage, so the library would like to provide a few answers.

First, the contents of the old cornerstone won’t be included in the new receptacle since they are too fragile. They are currently on display in the library and all efforts will be made to preserve them. The guestbook, donated by Perfect Touch Binding, that was signed on April 23 will also be protected and used for our November event that will celebrate the opening of the library on November 1, 1916.

The library is still taking suggestions for what to include in the new receptacle. Several people have suggested gadgets like a smart phone or iPad. These items, along with any other technology, will not be included because of the strong possibility that no one will be able to read the contents in 100, 50, or even 20 years from now. Technology changes too fast, and batteries would corrode any other materials in the receptacle.

Library staff is narrowing the list of items that will go into the receptacle as well as trying to find the best kind of receptacle to put them in so they will last over time. If you have any suggestions, call the library at 402-296-4154 x24 or talk to staff when you visit the library. Thanks to Ken “Andy” Anderson who removed the cornerstone and will be sealing the new cornerstone in place later this month.

If you’re interested in having a copy of the videorecording that was made during the opening of the cornerstone or a copy of the original 1915 blueprints on CD, please contact Karen Mier at 402-296-4154 x23. Copies will be made available at cost.








Library Sprucing Up! Donations Needed

The library is preparing for the 100th anniversary of the building this year. We will have programs in April and November honoring the laying of the cornerstone in April 1916 and the opening of the library in November 1916.

In September, the Library Foundation mailed letters to about 125 local businesses asking for donations. The library would like to thank the more than 30 businesses and individuals for their donations:

Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority,
    Neb. Gamma Chapter
Hy-Vee Plattsmouth Conservancy
Alyce Green Janet McCartney Plattsmouth Garden Club
Anne Begley Jenz Salon Plattsmouth Lions Club
Barbara & Alfred Dietrich Johnson & Pekny, LLC Plattsmouth Rotary Club
Bill and Marilyn Rishel Kola Curttright Plattsmouth State Bank
Burton and Jill Van Denburg La Fiesta Pro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Cass County Bank Larry and Eleanor Biederman Ray and Sharon Smith
DC Waterhole Bar Main Street Jewelers Rishel & Pfeifer, PC
Denice Eaton-Heim, CPA Marjorie Vickerman Schott Enterprises
Diversified Enterprise, Inc. McKnight Family Dental Steube's Thriftway #909
Frontier Lighting, Inc. Michael A. Schuldt VanderVeen & Goracke
Glenda Hervey Mom's Cafe William and Bonnie Sullivan
Guadalupe and Karen Mier Organization of Plattsmouth Women Woodhouse Auto Family


auditorium-renovationsThe Plattsmouth Conservancy graciously donated $1500 to pay for the refinishing of the front doors. Shawn Koke removed the kick panels from the front door to reveal what is believed to be the original finish, then matched that finish. The kickplates were cleaned and painted a brass finish. The before and after pictures show how beautiful the doors look now. He also refinished the inside set of doors.

A mix of donation funds and city funds were used to paint and to install new carpet and cabinet doors for the storage space under the stage in the auditorium. The Friends of the Library paid $2100 to replace a short range of shelves upstairs. The exteriors of the metal doors and outside railings will be given a new coat of paint before our April 23 opening of the 100-year-old cornerstone.

The Library Foundation is seeking additional funds to continue the improvements such as painting and carpeting the children's area and replacing the tiles on the stairwell. Any size of donation helps. If a check is preferred, make it payable to the Plattsmouth Public Library Foundation which is a 501(c)(3) and fully tax-deductible. In the meantime, you can stop in the library to see the progress we've made so far. We hope you'll agree that our beautiful library is beginning to shine!

SUBMIT your memories of the people and activities of the Plattsmouth Library. You can handwrite them and drop them off at the library or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll share them during our celebrations.









Children's Area Painting, Re-Carpeting Completed!

The children's area has been painted and re-carpeted! Thank you to all those who volunteered their time and muscle to move the books and furniture out, remove the carpet, then move everything back in - Steve and Velora Riese, Dave Ewing, John Hurst, Sam, James, Michael Mier, Elder Nokai, and Elder Evans. Thanks also to staff who spent hours on the project - Stacey Ewing, Ben Broshar, Jonna Carroll, Shelby Perkins, Barb Miller, Kirsten Wood, Evis Zamora, Michelle Smallridge, and Karen Mier.

remodeling1  remodeling2
remodeling3 remodeling4

Of course, we couldn't have done it without the help of people who contributed money. The most recent donations came from the Plattsmouth Rotary and Lions Clubs and Pat's Kids. Thank you!

Take a look at more pictures of our new space on our Facebook page.

If you'd like to help fund the next phase, please make checks payable to the Plattsmouth Public Library Foundation and mail them to 401 Avenue A, Plattsmouth. The next phase includes painting and re-tiling the stairwell and kitchen.