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The mission of the Plattsmouth Recreation Department is to provide recreation and cultural opportunities for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations.

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2020 Spring Swim lessons


Ages 3-5

Light Blue (Beginner): This is the beginning level for children in this age group. This class is perfect for the child who does not like the water and has trouble putting their head under the water. During this class the child will start to learn the beginning of swimming while playing games and becoming more comfortable in the water. They will learn the beginning of the front, back and side paddle strokes.

Purple (Intermediate): This class is perfect for the child who does not fear the water and has no problem putting their head under the water. Besides the front, side and rear paddle strokes they will be mastering the front and back float. How to swim away from the wall and then back to it again. They will also learn how to do surface turns and jumping into the pool and then back to the side by themselves.

Pink (Advanced): This is the most advanced level of this age group and depending on the ability of the children in the class will dictate how much the child will learn. They will start to perfect all three paddle strokes and start to work on rhythmic breathing.

Ages 6 and Up

Green (Beginner): This is for the beginner in this age group. This class is perfect for the child who does not know a lot about swimming and is not very comfortable in the deep end of the pool, or just starting to take swim lessons. They will learn the basic of each stroke and start for focus on the proper breathing techniques for each stroke.

Orange (Intermediate): This is for the child who is becoming more comfortable in the deep end of the pool. This class is taught in some shallow and some deep end. In this class they work on building their endurance to start swimming 25 yards of each stroke while beginning to develop better stroke form.

Red (Advanced): This class is held mostly in the deep end. By the end of this class they will be able to swim 25 yards of each major stroke. They will learn how to fin and skull and hold themselves afloat for long periods of time.

Ages 7 and Up

Bronze: To be in this level the child must be able to swim 25 yards with out any assistant. The children will learn to improve treading water, to refine their strokes, the beginning of the butterfly and the rotary kick.

Silver: In this level the children will refine the breaststroke, elementary backstroke, side stroke, front and back crawl. Work on endurance and underwater swimming. They will also start to work with flippers and snorkel gear. They will also be introduced to synchronized swimming.

Gold: In this level the children will work on endurance and refining all of the strokes. They will also learn the inverted breaststroke, over arm sidestroke, trudgen crawl and learn to start from starting blocks. They will swim an individual medley with and without fins. The children will also put together a synchro-skill routine.