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The mission of the Plattsmouth Recreation Department is to provide recreation and cultural opportunities for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations.

Water Fitness Schedule
(click to enlarge):  Starting October 5th 2020 
The PCC will be closed Tuesday October 20th 2020 8am-5pm for Jury Selection-subject to change

2020 Spring WATER schedule

Registration is ongoing for Group Fitness classes.

Click HERE for Group Fitness


Keep your joints moving and improve your sense of well-being. This program allows you to exercise without putting excess strain on your joints and muscles. The gentle activities in the shallow water, with guidance from a trained instructor, help you gain strength and flexibility.

Hydro Fitness
Join the Hydro-Fitness Wave of Fun!Challenging Classes! Plunge into Hydro Fitness! The classes combine deep water and shallow water movements that maximize Hydro-Resistance while toning up your body with little impact on the joints.

Hydro Intervals
Hydro Intervals is a shallow water class! The Instructors will put you through a high calorie burning interval routine with Hydro Endurance and Rebounding Plyometrics. This class is for everyone, including beginners and novice athletes. Take the Hydro Interval Challenge!