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Animal Control Services

The public is asked to contact the police department at 402-296-3311 with any animal-related complaints or issues, and assistance will be provided at that time.

Animals are held for 3 days before they become the property of the city.

Licensing Your Pet

All dogs and cats that reside within the City limits are required to be licensed by the City. Please bring a copy of your pet's current rabies vaccination to the Plattsmouth Police Department, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. If you have any questions, please contact the shelter at 402-298-8235 or Amy at 402-296-9355.

    After March 15:
Spayed/neutered $11.00 $21.00
Intact $26.00 $51.00

Shelter Fees

Impound Fee $50.00
Daily Boarding Fee $12.00


If you have lost your pet, PLEASE contact the shelter immediately at 402-298-8235 or contact the police department at 402-296-3311! After 3 days, the animal will become the property of the city.


Did you know that the best way to get your pet returned to you is with a microchip? You can get your pets microchipped at the Plattsmouth Animal Hospital, 402-296-2179.