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Where Do My Donations Go?

The library has been blessed with a great Friends of the Library, Library Foundation, and individual donors. Included in the city’s budget are accounts that represent various donation categories that are summarized below for the October 2016-September 2017 year.

Memorials received: $1,040

Memorial checks can be made out to the library or the Library Foundation. Donors can choose to have the memorial be used to purchase books, DVDs, or audiobooks, or they can let the library use it for projects such as replacing a piece of equipment or painting the library interior. If you expect many family members to donate, you may want to encourage them to donate to the Foundation so the funds can be used for long-term projects.

Grants and State Aid: $2,910

The library received a Youth Excellence Grant from the Nebraska Library Commission for $1,471 for TinkerSpace materials and programs. LittleBits and BreakoutEDU materials were purchased for a series of children’s programs in the fall/winter and again in the summer.

The library also received $1,439 in state aid. State aid payments are not intended to replace local funds for the library, but are granted to provide for enhanced services over and above those provided through local funding. Some of this funding was used to purchase a propane tank drum to be used in the children’s makerspace activities.

Donations: $9,901.08

One of the biggest donors to the library is the Friends of the Library. They have several fundraisers including semi-annual book sales and pop machine sales. In 2016-2017, they paid $3,811.11 for the following programs:

100th anniversary of the opening of the library $141.24
Craft supplies $282.61
Holiday Party, Fun-tastic Friday, Everything Chocolate $280.22
Refinish all the wood chairs $600.00
Summer reading program (and Fun-tastic Friday) $1,057.04
Security cameras $700.00
Tile in stairwell, kitchen $750.00


The Library Foundation provided $3,065.20 to the library for the following:

Security cameras $700.00
Tile in stairwell, kitchen (mostly from 100th anniversary fundraising) $1,865.20
Merlin Olson’s Citizen of the Year Award gift for the children’s area $500.00


The Plattsmouth Community Foundation provided a $500 grant for security cameras.

Individuals donated to the Adopt-a-Book program ($740), TinkerSpace, Everything Chocolate, and the purchase of individual books.

Can deposits tripled this year due to participation by more families. The library takes pop and beer cans and bottles to Iowa for the five cent deposit. In 2015-2016, we made $102.95; this last year, we made $350.90! Thanks so much to those who are bringing in their cans and bottles! Keep them coming!

When you say “keep the change,” the money goes into a donation jar and these funds are entered into the cash register regularly. In 2015-2016, we took in $70.54; this year, you donated $208.60 in change!

Funds that weren’t designated for a specific project helped the library to paint the exterior windows that had cracking paint and a few soft spots on the wood, partially pay for tile in the stairwell, and partially pay to refinish the wood chairs.

Rest assured that the Library Director makes sure that every penny you donate is used as you designated or for special projects for the library.

We wouldn’t have been able to offer all these programs and make improvements in the library without YOUR HELP! Thank you!

Our main project for 2017-2018 is the replacement of the old microfilm reader and Windows XP computer that is used to print the images. Cost for this project is approximately $6,700. We hope to be able to write a grant for about half the funds. The city has allotted $1,000 towards this capital outlay. If you’d like to donate to this project, we encourage you to write checks to the Plattsmouth Public Library Foundation. Thank you!