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Look What We Made!

3-D Printer    
3D1 3D2 3D3
CNC Router    
router1 router2 router5
router3 router6 router and laser
Laser Cutter    
laser wood1
on wood
laser wood5 laser wood8
laser wood15
on wood
laser wood4 laser wood2
laser wood scooby heart
on wood
laser wood owl laser wood14
laser wood3
on wood
laser wood16 laser wood17
laser wood18
on wood
laser wood21 laser cork2
on cork
laser glass
on glass
laser glass7
on glass
laser glass6
on glass
laser plasticon plastic (Lego) laser tile
on ceramic tile
laser tile2
on ceramic tile
laser paper2
cuts paper
laser paper3 laser paper
Heat Press    
heat press7
on a mouse pad
heat press2
on a mouse pad
heat press3
on a mouse pad
heat press4 heat press5 heat press9
heat press1 heat press8  
Embroidery Machine    
embroidery11 embroidery2 embroidery3
embroidery5 embroidery10 embroidery12
embroidery6 embroidery1
embroidery machine borders
Vinyl Cutter    
vinyl1 vinyl3 vinyl2
Button Maker    
button1 buttons2