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Relocated Wastewater Treatment Facility - Construction Updates

An overview of work completed and a projection of work expected in the following weeks will be available here. The Contractor will notify property owners of any impact to their property or utility services. Please do not remove construction stakes or flags. Progress may differ from projections depending on the weather and other construction elements. See the May 13, 2024, construction update.

Previous work, December 11, 2023 - May 9, 2024:

  • Trees were removed along Lincoln Avenue, Smith Avenue, and Vireo Parkway.
  • Valley Corporation (Contractor) completed the force main installation along Vireo Parkway.
  • The Contractor completed the force main installation underneath US Highway 75 and along East Wiles Road both east and west of US Highway 75.
  • The Contractor completed the force main installation along Chicago Avenue and 26th Street.
  • The Contractor completed directionally drilling of the force main piping in portions of the alignment along 26th Avenue and Smith Avenue.

Upcoming work overview, May 10-24, 2024:

  • The Contractor will continue with force main installation on Smith Avenue from 26th Avenue to Race Street. This will include trenching and force main pipe installation.
  • Smith Avenue from 26th Avenue to Race Street will be closed to through traffic in construction work areas. Other area may be reduced to one lane periodically during staging activities.
  • East Wiles Road will continue to be closed to through traffic from US Highway 75 to Chicago Avenue as the Contractor continues with final grading and roadway reconstruction.

Sanitary Sewer Improvements

sanitary sewer improvementsSanitary sewer improvements are part of the FEMA project to relocate the wastewate treatment plant as a result of the March 2019 flood. The project consists of the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant at the Fourmile Industrial Park, new pumping stations, and conveyance system. The sanitary sewer improvements will include removal and replacement of the existing surfacing on Smith Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, 2nd Avenue, and Richey Street. This will allow installation of sanitary sewer force mains, storm sewer installations, and water main relocations. Reconstruction will include new sidewalks and ADA accessible ramps.

The project is planned to be constructed in phases to minimize the disruption to residences and public access to Rhylander Park.

Project Information Sheet 

Strip Maps (recommend that you download the files and open them in Adobe Acrobat)

Strip map of Smith Avenue (from 16th Avenue south):

strip map S

Strip map of Lincoln Avenue (2nd to 12th Avenues) and Smith Avenue (12th to 16th Avenues):

strip map N