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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Director of EMS

Shane began his career in the fire and EMS service in 2010. He received his EMT-B and Paramedic from Metropolitan Community College and holds an EMS instructors license (EMS-I.) Shane was previously the assistant director of EMS and a staff paramedic since 2016. Prior to that, Shane was a manager for Midwest Medical Transport Service.

Assistant Director of EMS (vacant)

Sarah Beck, Paramedic
Rebecca Graf, Paramedic
Kaytee Donlan, Paramedic
Brad Harm, Paramedic

Tony Bagwell, Paramedic
Josh Alspach, Paramedic
Doug Volz, Paramedic
Tina Zhang, Paramedic
Jacob Schaffart, Paramedic
Karla Wiese, EMT
Corey Blum, EMT
Kyle Cooper, EMT

PRN STAFF (As Needed):
Scott Cieslik, Paramedic
Eric Shockley, Paramedic
Jessica Watts, Paramedic
Emily Miller, Paramedic
Josh Jarrett, Paramedic
Steve Crnkovich, Paramedic
Jared Cornell, Paramedic
Dillon Dixon, Paramedic
Adolph Martin, Paramedic
Chloe Iles, Paramedic
Eric Pagnano, Paramedic
Barb Shapiro, Paramedic
Brian Forman, EMT
Pete Hoskin, EMT
Amanda Wagner, EMT
Chad Hart, EMT